Ambulance Membership Program

With a Louisville Fire Rescue Ambulance Membership we will bill your insurance and accept whatever it pays as payment in full.
You owe nothing.

There are various options offered to best serve your needs, including: individual, family, and senior family memberships. Memberships are valid for one year and applications are accepted year-round.

Get Enrolled Today!

Getting started in the ambulance program is easy.
There are 3 ways to enroll:

  • Complete the ambulance subscription program application. Once completed, it can be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to Fire Department Headquarters, 895 W. Via Appia, Louisville, CO 80027.
  • Call the subscription office at 303.666.6595 Extension 201, to request an ambulance membership application.
  • Visit our administrative office at 895 W. Via Appia, Louisville and request a membership application. Subscription Costs
Individual   $25
Couple   $45
Family   $65
Senior Couple   $35
Senior Family   $55
Corporate   $300

What is the benefit of the ambulance membership program?

The ambulance membership program is a simple way to help LOWER the cost of using an ambulance by prepaying the uninsured portion of your ambulance bill. The advantage to the ambulance membership program is that you won’t be charged for any co-pay or deductible. Simply said, the fees collected by your insurance will be considered full payment.

It is important to know that the membership program is not an insurance policy, only a tool to help with the financial impacts of high co-pays or deductibles.