Private Water Mains & Private Fire Hydrants

The International Fire Code (IFC), Section 507.5.3 and NFPA #25 states that privately owned water mains and private fire hydrants shall be maintained on an annual basis. Fire hydrants and water mains are considered private when they are placed on private property with the purpose of providing fire protection for the individual property. The extent of the privately owned water mains and fire hydrants within your property is available upon request.

Per the National Fire Protection Association Standard #25 and IFC, the responsibility for properly maintaining a water-based fire protection system (including private fire hydrants) shall be that of the property owner(s). By means of annual inspections, tests, and maintenance, the equipment shall be shown to be in good operating condition. This task shall be performed by personnel who have developed competence through training and experience and are on the City of Louisville approved list of contractors who perform water main and fire hydrant maintenance.

The City of Louisville Public Works Department and the Louisville Fire Department must be notified before testing/shutting down a system or its supply. The notification should include the purpose for the shutdown, the system or component involved, and the estimated time of shutdown. These entities must also be notified when the system is returned to service.

The Annual Test and Maintenance Report – Private Fire Hydrant form must be completed by the contractor. It can also be found on the City’s website . An approved contractor may submit their own checklist.

The property owner is required to promptly correct or repair deficiencies, damaged parts, or impairments found while performing the inspection, test, and maintenance requirements of NFPA #25 and IFC. This includes keeping a 3 ft. perimeter free of bushes, obstructions, and anything else that could visually block or prevent access to the hydrant or fire department connection. Corrections and repairs shall be performed by qualified maintenance personnel or a qualified contractor, e.g., fire sprinkler contractor, fire sprinkler inspection company.

The Life Safety Division of the fire department will ask to see your paperwork as they do their annual inspection of the premises, or you may forward your paperwork to the Louisville Fire Protection District showing that the service has been completed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Fire Marshal’s office at 303-666-8809 or