Temporary Structures


This application form must be accompanied by two drawings. One must be a site plan that shows the area(s) tents will be erected and the other a floor plan of each and every tent or canopy. Details should include the scale, a symbol schedule and details of any heating or electrical equipment as well as egress and exit lighting where appropriate.

This plan review is for general compliance with the requirements of the International Fire Code. The applicant is responsible for informing the fire department of all circumstances that will exist. The applicant is responsible for meeting all the requirements of this code before final approval is granted by the Louisville Fire Protection District. The fire district’s approval of drawings, designs, plans, and specifications shall not in any way relieve the applicant of the responsibility for compliance to the International Fire Code.

This review does not include an evaluation of structural stability. Extreme weather conditions can create problems for tents and canopies. Structural stability of any tent or canvas is the responsibility of the tent installer.

The Louisville Fire Protection District requires 24 hours prior notification for inspection. To request an inspection please phone 303-666-6595. All inspections must be scheduled and completed between 8:00 A.M and 3:00 P.M. on regularly scheduled fire district workdays (Monday-Friday except holidays). Inspections outside these hours will be charged an overtime inspection fee of $75.00 an hour (2-hour minimum) by the fire district.


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