District Board

The Louisville Fire Protection District is guided by an elected board of directors consisting of five members. The basic term of office is four years. The Board is the general governing body of the District, which oversees all aspects of the District and carries out the business of the District in public meetings.

Transparency Notices

Please note that these notices are subject to change after being provided to the public.

Current Taxes & Levies

  • The District mill levy is 10.586 mills for levy in the year 2021. 
  • The total ad valorem tax revenue received by the District during 2020 was $7,820,073 (unaudited)

Open Records Requests

Open Records Policy pursuant to Section 24-72-205, C.R.S. The District’s research and retrieval fee are $20.00  per hour. 

A person granted the right to inspect District records may also be furnished copies requested at the cost of twenty-five cents ($.25) per standard page. The charge for providing a copy, printout, or photograph of a public record in a format other than a standard page will be assessed at the actual cost of production.

 Additionally, in those cases where the location or existence of specific documents must be researched, and the documents must be retrieved, sorted, or reviewed for applicability to the request. Such a process requires more than one hour of staff time, and the Custodian may charge a research and retrieval fee not to exceed twenty dollars ($20.00) per hour. 

The Custodian will not impose a charge for the first hour expended in connection with the research and retrieval of public records. 

The District may require a deposit to cover the estimated cost to produce such records, including the cost of the copies and the research and retrieval fee, prior to commencing work to produce such records. Payment of any actual costs exceeding the deposit must be made when releasing the final work product or copies.