LFPD Purchases New Cardiac Monitors

September 7, 2021

Cardiac monitor purchase

Louisville Fire-EMS crews’ quality of patient care received a boost this year with three new cardiac monitors. Funded through nearly $170,000 in grant money from the Federal Coronavirus Air, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act program, the cardiac monitors joined Louisville ambulances in March 2021.

Cardiac monitors allow EMS providers to complete EKGs on the emergency scene. This quick diagnostic tool often reveals cardiac problems such as heart attacks and irregular heartbeats, as well as numerous other life-threatening conditions.

After exploring several devices, a committee of 12 LFPD paramedics and EMTs overwhelmingly chose the Tempus cardiac monitor. Smaller and dramatically lighter than its competitors, the Tempus cardiac monitor features touch-screen controls, built-in laryngoscopy, ultrasound, and robust call review capabilities.

Designed for rugged and covert military use, the Tempus quickly gained traction among European EMS agencies but has been slower to catch on in the United States. With this year’s purchase, Louisville Fire joins a few Colorado agencies with the Tempus cardiac monitor on its ambulances.