Request For Proposal

Reminder: Mail ballots are not forwarded. Electors must notify the Boulder County Election Office if their mailing address has changed.

The Louisville Fire Protection District is guided by an elected board of directors consisting of five members. The basic term of office is four years. The Board is the general governing body of the District, which oversees all aspects of the District and carries out the business of the District in public meetings.

Directors are required to attend monthly board meetings and occasional work sessions as needed. Directors are also encouraged to attend community events hosted by the District. The District compensates directors for their meetings as permitted by state statute.

Remodeling of Fire Station

Louisville Fire Protection District invites and welcomes proposals for their Remodel LFPD
Station 1 project. Based on your previous work experience, your firm has been selected to
receive this RFP and is invited to submit a proposal. Please take the time to carefully read and
become familiar with the proposal requirements. All proposals submitted for consideration
must be received by the close of business on May 15, 2024. See the full RFP and station plans for details.