Fees Schedules

Tent & Canopy Permit

While the permit itself is free, there is an inspection fee required to obtain a permit to erect or operate a tent having an area in excess of 200 square feet, or a canopy in excess of 400 square feet, except for structures used exclusively for camping. In addition, special event fees may apply if tents are used as part of a special event. This fee can be waived at the discretion of the Fire Marshal or Fire Chief.

Max duration is 30 days.

Permitting & Inspection Fee $105:
Mobile Food Vending

Inspection & permitting fee per vehicle.

Permitting & Inspection Fee $25:
Station One Meeting Room

This fee is required when a for-profit or non-profit corporation is renting the room. This fee can be waived with approval of the Fire Chief.

Room Rental Daily Rate $980:
Standby Personnel

This fee is required for the use of Louisville Fire Protection District personnel.

One-hour minimum for the first hour pro-rated thereafter.

Per Hour: $70

1 Hr. $70:
1/2 Hr. $35:
1/4 Hr. $17.50:
Standby Apparatus

This fee is required for the use of Louisville Fire Protection District apparatus as required by the International Fire Code.

Per our current Colorado Resource Rate Form

Hazardous Materials Release or Spill

This fee is required when any person, business or facility causes the unauthorized release or spill of any hazardous material, including natural gas, into the environment.

Cost of the Operation including equipment, staffing, and administrative fees

Excessive False Alarms/Responses

This inspection fee is required when there are more than three responses in a three-month period of time where there is the same issue or system malfunction. This fee may be waived, if at the opinion of the Fire Marshal, the building owner is working with Louisville Fire Protection District in order to correct the system’s problems.

1st Offense: $420
2nd Offense: $700
3rd Offense: Billed Per Apparatus

1st Offense $420:
2nd Offense $700:
Mechanical Hood

This fee is required to obtain a construction permit to install a mechanical hood.

Permitting Fee $350:
Re-issue Permit Card or Plan Review

This fee is assessed to re-issue a permit card or plan review document.

Permitting Fee $105:
Miscellaneous Inspection Fee

This fee is assessed when there is no other applicable fee indicated.

Inspection Fee $140: