Membership Program

Louisville Fire Protection District offers residents within the district a program to help cover the cost of ambulance transportation to the hospital. If you or a relative have a high risk of illness or falls, consider signing up for this program.

We will bill your insurance and accept whatever it pays as payment in full with a Louisville Fire Rescue Ambulance Membership.


Ambulance Membership Program

Membership Benefits

  • The ambulance membership program is a simple way to help lower the cost of using an ambulance by prepaying the uninsured portion of your ambulance bill. The advantage of the ambulance membership program is that you won’t be charged for any co-pay or deductible. Simply said, the fees collected by your insurance will be considered full payment.  You owe nothing.
  • It is essential to know that the membership program is not an insurance policy, only a tool to help with the financial impacts of high co-pays or deductibles.
  • Various options are offered to best serve your needs, including individual, family, and senior family memberships, with annual rates starting at $25.

Membership Annual Rates

Membership registration fees are valid for one year. Renewal and registration fees are the same.


Senior Couple$35
Senior Family$55

Becoming A Member


Review The Registration Fee Information Above

Reach the categories, descriptions and annual cost.  You should fill your application out based on the individuals you intend to include in the registration.  Please note that all members listed in the application must have insurance.


Fill Out The Membership Application Form

Applying Online
Completing the application form and payment of annual fees can all be done on this page.

  • Go to the “apply” tab on this page and complete the form. Submit when done. An emailed copy of the form submission will be emailed to the form signer’s email address indicated in the form.
  • Go to the “pay” tab on this page and pay for the fee corresponding to your completed form.

Applying by Email / Post
Download and complete The Ambulance-Subscription-Enrollment-Form.

  • Applying Email: Scan your completed form and email the form to:  You can still pay your fees online in the “pay” tab on this page.  You can also mail your payment using the instructions in the next bullet.
  • Applying By Postal Mail: Send your completed application and payment to:
    Louisville Fire District
    Annual Membership Program
    895 W. Via Appia
    Louisville, CO 80027

Pay Your Plan Review & Permit Fees

Go to the “pay” tab and select / pay for the appropriate registration fee for your completed application.



Mark Your Calendar For Your Renewal Date

Notate the date you applied and put an annual reminder in your calendar.  It’s the signer’s responsibility to keep these annual fees current in order to keep the membership from lapsing.


Apply for An Ambulance Membership

CARES: Cost Avoidance & Reductions for Emergency Services

This form must be completed and paid. Memberships registration fees are valid for one year and applications are accepted year-round.


Pay Ambulance Membership Fees

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