Tents & Canopies

The Louisville Fire Protection District Fire Prevention Division is here to guide you through the planning and review process to ensure the process is efficient, convenient, and interactive. Please complete the tent and canopy permit if you are erecting a tent that is over 400 square feet.


Tent & Canopy Permits


Fill Out The Permit Form

Go to the “apply” tab on this page and complete the form. Submit when done. An emailed copy of the form submission will be emailed to the property owner’s email address indicated in the form.


Submitting Your Plans

The form allows you to upload up to three planning documents with your form.  If you opted to submit your planning files separately, be sure they are emailed to prevention@louisvillefire.com.


Pay Your Permit Fees

You will be sent an invoice to the contact information included in the application.


Print Your Receipt

Once Complete your permit will be emailed to you.

Louisville Fire Protection District

Life Safety and Fire Prevention Bureau

895 W. Via Appia Louisville, CO 80027


Tent & Canopy Permit Application

Complete the information below.


Tent & Canopy Permit Fee Payment

Cost: $105

Duration Max: 30 Days.

Requirements: While the permit itself is free, there is an inspection fee required to obtain a permit to erect or operate a tent having an area in excess of 200 square feet, or a canopy in excess of 400 square feet, except for structures used exclusively for camping. In addition, special event fees may apply if tents are used as part of a special event. This fee can be waived at the discretion of the Fire Marshal or Fire Chief.